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Permission Granted

Today we taped that ever-so-important yellow laminated piece of paper in the soon to be smashed window of 20 Main Street. Yes, I'm talking about our building permit. After months of architectural drawings and revisions, health department plan reviews and finally the building department's approval, we can now start construction on Three Blacksmiths.

So whats the first thing we do? Demolish the front of the building of course! With the help of our soon to be sous chef, Ethan Taylor and good friend Beef Burks, we removed the face of the old building to make way for the new front entrance and windows. Our builder, Mike Jolly and his crew will start construction next week on the exterior while the rest of us start work on the interior. Diane is hard at work on the seating, lighting and decor while we prep the walls, ceiling and floors for the new finishes. Keep an eye out for more news...

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