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Three Blacksmiths, located in rural Sperryville, Virginia, serves a tasting menu created by chef Jake Addeo to a maximum of 20 guests each evening in an open-hearth kitchen, featuring ingredients that are foraged, grown, and handcrafted in Rappahannock County and nearby areas.

The restaurant was originally created and owned by John and Diane MacPherson, who based their idea for Three Blacksmiths on what they’d seen and experienced while on a culinary tour of Europe. With help from architect Dwight McNeill, their sous chef Ethan Taylor, and the family of the MacPhersons’, what was once a cinderblock building on Main Street became an elegant space featuring large European-style windows and an exterior white-on-black finished style. The interior boasts an open kitchen, a wood fired hearth, and a cozy dining room rich with mahogany floors and maple plank walls.

As of August 2021, ownership of Three Blacksmiths has been transferred from the MacPhersons over to Jake and Sara Addeo, who previously had managed and worked in restaurants from D.C. and New York City, all the way to Italy and Hong Kong. “Jake and Sara understand and appreciate how special Three Blacksmiths is and will continue to offer the level of service, ambiance and local, seasonal foods that we've worked so hard to create. You’ll find that not much has changed when you visit, just two new friends to welcome you at the door.”

The fixed price, multi-course menu offers seasonally inspired, local ingredients, changing a little bit each day with larger changes every few weeks. Further enriching the experience, two varieties of wine pairings are available as well, personally selected by the chef to complement each course. Guests can expect to be welcomed at the door with a glass of sparkling wine and a few small bites to begin with, before continuing on to the main event prepared by the team.

Currently, the team includes Executive Chef Jake Addeo, General Manager Sara Addeo, Coordinator Gabriel Hernandez, Sous Chef “Luke” Stintzi, Chef de Commis Estela Loya, Pâtissier Tina Munro, and Kitchen Assistant Kyra Lucas.

Three Blacksmiths is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for dinner by reservation. Dinner is served at 7:00 pm. Private dinners can be made available upon request and scheduling, with the same maximum of 20 guests. All reservations are made online at

Contact: Sara Addeo, General Manager 

20 Main Street 

Sperryville, VA 


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