Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Payment

Reservation Options and Pricing -

We have one seating at 7:00pm with one multi-course tasting dinner for $138 per guest. We'll serve 6 - 9 courses, depending on the menu. When you arrive, you can add:

House Wine pairing: $80 and up (varies by evening)

Reserve Wine pairing: $95 and up (varies by evening)

Wine by the glass: (menu upon arrival)

Wine by the bottle: (menu upon arrival)

Pre and Post Dinner Drinks: $16

French Press Coffee or Tea: (menu upon arrival)

(a la carte pricing may change; refer to menu upon arrival)

Why Do You Take Deposits?

When you book your table, we charge a $50 deposit per guest up front. Our dining room seats just 20 guests (about 6 tables), so we’ll be collecting and preparing ingredients especially for your visit. A deposit system allows us to anticipate your arrival and provide you with a truly special dining experience at the best possible price.

What does my balance due include?

On the morning of your arrival, your credit card will be charged the following:

Balance on dinner(s) minus deposit paid

20% service

9.3% Virginia state and local tax

When you arrive, you can add beverages to your tab which will be charged to your card on file. Let us know before the end of your meal if you'd like to pay a different way for those items.

As much as possible, we prefer all transactions to happen behind the scenes so you can just sit back, relax and let us serve you!

Can I Split the Tab?

Splitting the tab with your dining companions is easy. When making your reservation, you'll see a "Split Tab" button. Enter the email address(es) of your dining companions and the number of people in their party. They'll get an email invitation to enter their credit card information and pay their portion of the bill. They must agree to split the tab before the morning of your booking, or your credit card will automatically be charged the balance.

If you didn't split the tab while making the reservation, but there are still a few days before your dinner, email with the email address(es) of the guests with whom you'd like to split the tab and we can invite them to do so on your behalf.

If you didn't split the tab before dinner and your dining companion(s) wish to pay for all or part of the meal afterward, we're happy to provide an itemized total so you can settle up separately; we don't issue full or partial refunds for the purpose of splitting the tab.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel:

More than five (5) days before your booking time:
Your deposit is fully refundable. Use this link to cancel a fully refundable booking by logging into your reservation to cancel.

Five (5) or fewer days before your booking time:
Your deposit is non-refundable. This policy also applies to a reduction in the size of your party and to reservations booked within this five-day window. To avoid being charged your balance due, please email us before the day of your reservation. Cancellations are only valid once we confirm we've received your message.

On the day of your reservation (or if you do not arrive for your reservation): Your deposit and balance are both non-refundable, This policy applies to a reduction in the size of your party, so please be sure to let us know if someone in your party will not be joining you. If your credit card is declined for balance payment on the day of your reservation and you have not confirmed that you are coming, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, retain your deposit and open your table to other guests. We’d much rather serve you a meal than charge a fee, but please understand that our small size, fine ingredients and rural location all add up to a significant loss for empty seats that we’re unlikely to fill on short notice.

Wait List

If a date you want is already full, you can sign up for the wait list through our reservation system. The icon appears at the top and bottom of the reservation grid (and pops up automatically when there's no availability). Once you sign up, you'll be notified by email (along with anyone else on the waiti list) if a table has re-opened. The table will go to the first person to log into our reservation system and confirm the booking. Joining the wait list won't notifiy you of tables that are newly opened on our reservation system - only those that are available to re-book.

When are New Reservations Released?

Bookings become available at 10 am exactly 203 days in advance. Use this handy calculator to subtract 203 days from the date you want, so you know when it'll open on our reservation grid.

General Info

What days are you open? We have just one seating on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7 o’clock. What is the best way to get in touch? Email is the best way to get in touch with us at You can also give us a call at (540) 987-5105. If we're not near the phone, leave a message and we'll get back to you. We’re always happy to hear from you; just keep in mind that reservations can only be made through our web site. Do you take walk-ins? We don’t take walk-ins, but we’ll post any last-minute availability on social media. In other words, a same-day reservation is possible, but only if we've sent out a notice. How long is dinner? The entire meal typically lasts 2 ½ to 3 hours. What's the largest party size you can accommodate? The largest party size we can accommodate is six. Do you offer Gift Cards? Sorry, we don't offer gift cards. Do you accept children? Well-mannered kids are welcome. Keep in mind the length of the meal (2 ½ - 3 hours) and the intimate atmosphere when deciding whether or not your kid(s) and the neighboring tables will enjoy their evening. Each child needs a full-priced reservation and will be served the same tasting menu as the grown-ups.

Dietary Restrictions

We’re able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies, including gluten intolerance, but keep in mind that our small kitchen is not gluten-free or free of any other potential food allergens such as nuts or shellfish. At this time, we do not offer a vegan menu option. If you have multiple restrictions or life-threatening allergies, please contact us by email or at (540) 987-5105 before booking your table. Also, be sure to specify the dietary restrictions (if any) of everyone in your party when booking your table. Last minute menu changes are extremely difficult and we’d hate for anyone to miss out.


We have off-street parking for eight cars plus one spot for wheelchair access and our good friends at Happy Camper Equipment Company across the street also have a parking lot for our guests to use. Please park neatly so everyone gets a spot!

ADA Accessibility

We have an ADA designated parking space in front of the building, a single level entrance and an ADA bathroom. If you have a disability, let us know in advance of your visit so we can provide you with the most suitable table.

Dress Code

There’s no dress code at Three Blacksmiths and while we want to make your meal a special event, we also want you to be comfortable. Guests usually wear a range from smart casual to special date night attire.

Neighborhood Bars and Breweries

We don’t have a bar and generally run our schedule close to our seating time, so we recommend having a pre-dinner drink at one of our neighborhood drinkeries, all within walking distance (please check their web sites for business hours):

Bar Francis, 3710 Sperryville Pike, Sperryville (full bar, a three-minute walk)
Hopkins Ordinary Aleworks, 47 Main Street, Sperryville (micro-brewery, a three-minute walk)
Pen Druid, 3863 Sperryville Pike, Sperryville (micro-brewery, a brisk 1-mile walk)

Bad Weather

If the National Weather Service issues a weather warning for our region, we’ll be closed for the evening and we’ll work with you to reschedule your dinner with us. We'll be sure to communicate with you if messy weather is in the forecast. If we're not closed, but you'd rather stay off the roads because of potentially hazardous weather, please give us as much notice as possible so we'll have an opportunity to re-book your table. In this situation, we'll issue you a full refund if we're able to re-book your table.

Increase or Decrease in Party Size

Once you've booked your reservation, the number of guests in your party is fixed, so you'll need to email us to increase or decrease your party size. Here's how it works: Increase Party Size: If the configuration of our dining room allows it, we're happy to increase your party size. Just email us and ask. You'll receive a revised confirmation if we can do it. Decrease Party Size: Our ability to reduce your party size depends on three factors: how much advance notice we have, how many guests won't be coming and the configuration of our dining room for the evening. If it's five days or less before your reservation: Your deposit for the absent guest(s) won't be refunded (see Cancellation Policy). If it's more than five days before your reservation: We'll do our best to move you to a different table, but we reserve the right to cancel your reservation entirely if the dining room configuration doesn't allow the change.