Our Menu

Our menu will change from week-to-week as our local farms and foragers ebb and flow with the seasons. Some ingredients may change on the fly, so this menu may even change a bit. Our beverage selections include local and far-flung wines and creative cocktails. 

August 12 - 15, 2020


Nectarines and Tomatoes

compressed nectarines / kaffir lime ricotta / charred tomato /



Watermelon Gazpacho

maryland crab/ grilled shishito / huskcherry / pickled rind


Thornton River Corn and Truffle Manti

 blue oyster mushroom /smoked tomato dashi



Cibola Farms Bison Tenderloin

whippoorwill carrot soubise / sweet potato greens /

bison marrow custard / blackberry agrodolce

Jenkins Orchard Peach Pavlova

peach mousse / thai basil gelato / chili almond granola

... and a few surprises!

Dietary Restrictions: We’re able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies, including gluten intolerance, but keep in mind that our small kitchen is not gluten-free or free of any other potential food allergens such as nuts or shellfish. At this time, we do not offer a vegan menu option. If you have multiple restrictions or life-threatening allergies, please contact us by email or at (540) 987-5105  before booking your table.


Also, be sure to specify the dietary restrictions (if any) of everyone in your party when booking your table. Last minute menu changes are extremely difficult and we’d hate for anyone to miss out.