Our Menu

Our menu will change from week-to-week as our local farms and foragers ebb and flow with the seasons. Some ingredients may change on the fly, so this menu may even change a bit. Our beverage selections include local and far-flung wines and creative cocktails. 


January 15 - 18, 2020

Ayrshire Farm Beef Tartare

sunnyside radish /  grilled onion vinaigrette / lavash 


Sweet Potato Spice Bush Soup

peanut milk miso / peanut-ginger muesli


Piccolo Cono Belle Ridge Farm Ragu

sunday sauce / house-made ricotta 



Crescent Farm Duck Breast

kumquat / toasted wheatberry / sunnyside bok choy

Root Vegetable Ice Cream Split

parsnip,  stracciatella and wood ice creams / 

candied carrots / luxardo / feuilletine

... and a few surprises!

We’re able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies, including gluten intolerance, but keep in mind that our small kitchen is not gluten-free or free of any other potential food allergens such as nuts or shellfish. At this time we do not offer a vegan menu option. If you have multiple restrictions or life-threatening allergies, please contact us by email or at (540) 987-5105  before booking your table.


Also, be sure to specify the dietary restrictions (if any) of everyone in your party when booking your table. Last minute menu changes are extremely difficult and we’d hate for anyone to miss out.


TEL: (540) 987-5105

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