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plates and pans in the kitchen

The History

A century ago, Sperryville, Virginia was a bustling village of over 300 residents with five general stores, six mills, an apple packing house, a saloon, a barber shop, a pharmacy, and three blacksmiths. It was a time when most things were still made by hand and craftspeople had a direct connection to their handiwork.  

Since then, the world has sped up in ways unimaginable to our ancestors, but there'll always be a place for those of us who take pleasure in working with our hands. We wanted to honor a slice of Sperryville’s past and the folks that honed its future. At Three Blacksmiths, instead of forging metal in our open hearth, we’ll be crafting your dinner.

The Beginnings of
Three Blacksmiths


In August of 2017, after selling the Foster Harris House in Washington Virginia and travelling for two months through Europe gathering ideas and inspiration, owners John and Diane MacPherson set out to rebuild 20 Main Street in Sperryville. The low slung cinder block box of a building would soon become the two story white stuccoed gem that is now Three Blacksmiths. Renovated in no small part by the trio of John, Diane and sous chef Ethan Taylor, the building was transformed into a space warmed by wood and flickering candles. A wood-fired hearth at the heart of the dining room transforms ingredients into delicious morsels. And the intimacy of six tables sets just the right tone for a special evening of delicious food and warm hospitality with a hint of European comfort.  After three successful years of operation, John and Diane passed the mantle of ownership on to the Addeos in 2021, who continue to offer the same spectacular service to this day.

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