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Building the Building

Terry, Jeff, Tim, James and Nate, our construction guys from Jolly Construction have finished the framing of the exterior and installed our windows and doors. We've worked with Mike Jolly and his crew for the past thirteen years and couldn't imagine a more honest, hardworking and cordial group of guys. Now we're on our own for a while to rough in electrical and plumbing with Danny and Clyde of Pullens Electrical and Plumbing and finish the walls, floors and ceilings with our restaurant crew of Ethan, Diane, Jan and I. Lots to do... but this is the fun part, and we're looking forward to creating the space that will one day soon be Three Blacksmiths.

Diane staining maple planks for the walls

Ethan sanding the maple boards for Diane to stain

John and his mom Jan prepping the beams for finishing.

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