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About us

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John MacPherson
Owner / Chef

John spent a fair bit of his childhood jumping his bike Evel Knievel style and building forts out behind his house in Tewksbury Mass. He learned to cook from his mom, Jan who still makes on helluva stuffed squid. His travels through Europe and life in Southern California helped shape the cuisine at Three Blacksmiths.

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Diane MacPherson
Owner / General Manager

Diane will be the first smiling face you'll see when you walk through the door of Three Blacksmiths. She can do an alien face that is without equal among non-extraterrestrials.

Three Blacksmiths 1503.jpg
Ben Tyson
Head Chef

Ben is a New Englander just like Diane and John. He grew up in Lowell Massachusetts, went to NECI in Vermont and won the coveted Golden Whisk for his pastry skills. He's cooked for the King and Queen of Bhutan, helped Smyth in Chicago nab two Michelin stars and is quite the dancer and beard wearer.

Three Blacksmiths 1388.jpg
Ethan Taylor
Senior Sous Chef

Ethan is one of the original Three Blacksmiths. He helped build our building and while he didn't know much about construction when we started, he's now quite the carpenter. Check out those beams! Ethan crushes prep like nobody else and is now learning how to farm mushrooms. 

DJ Line
Sous Chef

DJ set out to be a lawyer, 


gabe 4.jpg
Gabe Hernandez
Kitchen Assistant

Gabe grew up a few miles away in Amissville and is Three Blacksmiths all-rounder. There is no task Gabe can't do and once he does it it'll be done better than you thought it could. When he gets a hold of the Spotify playlist expect a mix of classic rock... drives Ethan nuts.

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